Searching for Love?

October 17, 2008

Most of us spend our entire lives searching for love but never really find the one True Love that each of us crave.

Drugs, booze, sex, money; these are only a few of many things often we use to try and replace love.

But the truth is, love cannot be replaced.

We live in a world where rape is common, lies are normal, and hate is the easiest way. Where the biggest thing to all of us is to find happiness for ourselves; take, gain, and receive; societies well practiced motto.

Yet still, we’re left hungry, still we’re empty. Where are we going wrong?

  Well, I’ve found something, something so dear, so big, so incredible, I cannot explain it.

I’ve found the love of a Savior. The love of Someone who died just for me, the love of Someone who doesn’t care about where I’m from, or what I’ve done, whether I’m smart or dumb, pretty or ugly. The love of Someone, who loves me, for me.

Someone who I can trust when all the world’s lying to me. Someone who can protect me, when all the world’s out to get me. Someone who’s given everything, so I may have.

This Someone’s name is, Jesus, and His love is so amazing, so incredible, so awesome, so powerful, it’s never-changing,  life-changing, earth-shaking love! There is nothing like it!

It is so strong, I cannot, CANNOT, hide it, I cannot hold it in, I cannot express it, there are no words.

But even though His love is all this, still I have to say, the best part about His love, is that it’s not limited. It’s not just for me, it’s not just for you. It’s for each and every single one of us.

So I ask you now…                          

                            Are you searching for Love?

                                                           You may have just found it…


                                                                With Love,

                                                                           Christian soldier 

                Love Heart only 3#


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