Living in a Pain Filled World

December 24, 2008

I stumbled across an on line site the one time that was created specifically to prove Christianity wrong. It was extremely sad to read such a site, but curiosity had captured my thoughts and desperate to know the reason why someone would create a site like that, I read on.

I could have been greatly offended by this man’s words, for they were very harsh. But I chose not to. I could have taken a stand for Christ, and I could have made an attempt to prove this man wrong. But I chose not to.

What would I have gained by doing so? Accomplishment? Verbal power? What would I have done to this man that had wrote all of this? In hope, I would have perhaps changed his mind about God. But in truth, his rage and pride would have taken control forcing him to see Christianity as nothing but a debatable topic. For as I read on I began to see things through his eyes, and I began to understand why he would write such a thing…

This man had once been a Christian. But he had left Christianity because he believed God had not heard him; God did not listen; and so angry at God he dedicated his life to hating Christians and proving to them that God did not exist.

Reading this, it became clear to see that this was a man that was really hurting. For so often we try to hide our hurt by using anger. So often we think getting even will cure the pain.

This man was a wounded soldier. But instead of retreating back to Christ. He went looking for healing someplace else. Someplace were it cannot be found. Why? Because it’s easier to stay angry with something or someone, than to get over it.

Living in a world filled with pain, getting hurt is a part of life. But so often when we do get hurt we question, why me? Why’s this happened to me? What did I ever do to deserve this?

We look for ways to blame; blame ourselves, blame others, blame God. We’ll do anything to find reason for the cause.

Sometimes, as Christians we think ,‘Hey, I’ve got God on my side! I’m on easy street from here on out!’ But that is far from the truth. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that. Being a Christian means, “through”, all the pain, “through”, all the suffering we’re going to stick by Christ. We’re going to stay loyal to Him; and why? Because He stuck by us when we rejected Him; when we claimed we could live life without Him; and because He’s already been through this pain we’re going through.

We’re going to experience pain. So why blame others? Why blame ourselves? What’s done is done. We cannot go back in the past and change what’s happened. We can only go into the future and make even the pain, and the suffering…. worth it.

Why blame God? If we do not retreat back to Him what can He do? He does not force us to come to Him.

I know it’s easier said than done. Words have always been easy to use. But Jesus has never been just about words. If He was, He would have never come down from Heaven to die for us. He would have just stayed far away from all of these problems.

So I ask you now to retreat to Christ. You cannot heal any place else. Make everything worth it. Don’t hold onto hate. Tonight you may die.

Don’t bother finding a reason as to why this has happened to you; it has! Just move on, move forward. Live in the future, not in the past.

Forever and ever I shall say this…

With Love,

Christian soldier


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