The Thrill in 2009

January 2, 2009

There’s just something so exciting about a new year! The thrill of not knowing what is to come, the hope in what you expect to happen, the joy of a fresh start! I could go on forever talking about all the anticipated atmosphere that follows a new year! But what good would that be?

Two things I love about a new year; one is how we take the time to go over the year that’s past. To have a look and see how we’ve changed, to see how everything’s so different. How we take the time to go over the things we’ve done, the experiences we’ve had, the people we’ve met. How we’ve grown, and how (for some of us) we’ve shrunk. How we think about the places we’ve been; how far we’ve come from where we were; and I have to confess, after going over all that, there’s clear evidence that this new year is going to be the same in the way that huge things are going to happen, and everything’s going to change, and I began to fear the new year because of that fact.

 For some of us we’ve only just settled into the place we are now. For others, we just don’t like change. But change is happening all around us all the time, and whether we like that which has changed or not, change is a good thing; and much like time change cannot be controlled, it cannot be stopped, we cannot avoid it. Perhaps that is why so often we make time, and change our worst enemy. Because as human beings we just love being in control; don’t we?

 But I’m not scared anymore. I may not know what’s in store for me this year, I may not be able to control it. But I know that like the year that I’ve been through, no matter what happens, no matter what change takes place in my life; good or bad. I know that something amazing is going to come out of this year! Because time is not mine, it’s Christ’s, and Christ does not waste time.

 The second thing I love about a new year is how everyone makes such great plans! Quite often, all through the year we’re too scared to make big plans like we do at new years. So often this is because we’re too afraid in case we fail. But when new year comes along people set goals, big goals! And they go for it! They don’t let anything hold them back! But it’s sad to see people give up on those plans once the excitement of new year’s is gone.

 I know this is a little bit late, but I want to challenge you this year; All over the world billions of people are getting all excited about New Years, But what about every single day? Every single day we wake up to a new dawn, a new start. Should not every single day then be just as exciting as new years!? Let’s wake up every single day in 2009 full of excitement! Full of joy! And full of hope! Let us wake up every morning to a new generation; a generation that’s different! A generation that screams Christ’s name! Because we’ve found the ONLY Love worth living for!

 And I challenge you this year; to set goals! And go for them without anything holding you back!

 Because no matter how young, or how old you are. If you’re living for Christ, every day is just that exciting. Because every day, although you may not always see it, every day God’s going to use “you” in incredible, indescribable ways.

 So from each and everyone of us here at Searching for Love? we wish you a Happy New Year!

With Love, (as forever it shall be)

Christian soldier


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