Taking over the world

March 19, 2009

You know I love these animated movies and TV shows; shows like Ice Age, The Bee Movie, The Lion King, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Meet the Robinsons! I just find them so innocent and well done! They’re almost always pleasant to watch!

But no matter what type of movie or TV show I’m watching, my favorite character strangely enough, is always the bad guy! Most take to Super Man and Bat Man, or the main character of the film or show, but not me! Without the bad guy there would be no production what so ever in my eyes!

Yes I clearly watch too much TV, and yes it’s mad the way I think. But I’m sure already you’ve managed to figure out the reason as to why. I could give you many more reasons; to those who know me I appear to always be full and plump with opinions and theories! But there’s one main reason I’d like to point out about my favorite character in order to use as an example in sharing a lesson I learnt just last week.

Have you ever noticed how evil villains NEVER win? No matter how hard or how long they try, NEVER do they manage to accomplish or succeed in that which they attempt.

Have you ever wondered what keeps them going? How do they, after being beaten to a pulp by the hero of the story, come back just as, if not more, determined to try once again?

Who’s the nut that encourages them to take over the world!?

Have you ever noticed how many things we attempt to do in our own lives that we so often give up on?

As Christians, much like the evil villain of every story, we ought to be “taking over the world!” We need God in our work places, in our schools, in our homes, and so desperately in the core of our lives. But how does He get there? Well firstly He’s got to get into us, yes; but how does He get into us? If God is our Saviour, our Super Hero, should we not just call on him like the citizens of Small Ville do to Super Man when they need Him? And God isn’t at all like Super Man; there’s no way a bad guy can trick Him into being caught at a crossroad in life. God’s a little smarter than Super Man and a lot more buff! Then when Christ is in us, He sticks with us. He’s always right there with us!  Imagine God right there in our work places, in our schools, and in our homes. Right there, forever present…

And yeah, “taking over the world” isn’t exactly a small thing. It’s not at all as simple as one makes out, and it never works out the way it’s supposed to. But then have a look at Pinky & The Brain. They’re only two, teeny, tiny little lab rats. But each day they get up, they’re trying to conquer the entire world. They fail many, many times; and they get locked up in a cage every single night. Note that the guy doing tests on them doesn’t exactly give them an encouraging word. Yet we try, we fail, and we give up. We may be small, we may have people on all sides yelling at us, “You’re useless”, “You’re worthless”, “You’ll never learn that,” or “You’ll never be able to do this”. But God is HUGE, and He’s cheering you on to victory.

Just last week I was faced with giving up on something I truly believed in. I had a good reason to do so as well as many who thought, and still do think, I should. But I made the choice to keep trying. So far it has bared no fruit. But with prayer and faith, I know in due time I shall reap that which I’ve done my best at. Maybe it won’t be what I expected. But then again I’ll never know what it could have been if I’d given up. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be more than I expect.

So with that said, I make one last statement…

For Goodness sake man! Start practicing your evil laugh!

With Love,

Christian soldier


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