The Stuff We’re Made Of

August 23, 2010

“Look at you, you fat, ugly, unworthy creature. Look at your hair, your nose – could their be anything more sickening? Your smile, your wrinkles – what is wrong with you?”

Every day’s another day just like this. We wake up each morning to look into the mirror of  shame, and disgust . “You trash”, it subconsciously echoes.

What’s up with you? Where’d your roots go? What did God make you? What kind of a God do you serve?

Every morning’s another slump. Another day of stress and disappointment. Another day of failure.  Life has been sucked dry – each morning’s just another day living. Woohoo?

We’re told we ought to be this way and that , but where’s their point – why ought we to be what they expect of us?

We’re pushed into conforming and creativity is thrown out the window of the one hundredth floor to die at the hand of concrete.

There are so few days we wake up in the morning to say, “I’m so happy I look this way, and I’m so happy I don’t fit in”.

What are we all doing with our lives? Every day comes, and then it’s gone. You can never ever get it back. Every breathe you take is gone, you can never ever get it back. Every word you say, be it to yourself or others, it’s gone; you can never ever get it back. Every move you make; it’s gone. Man is slowly falling into pointless wandering, and, each step we take, we can never ever get it back.

There are so many things we go on and on about; things that don’t even matter.

Maybe you weigh a million pounds, or your nose forms the shape of a light bulb, or you can’t smile because then you’d get too many wrinkles, or you’re a stick man, or the people you’re around dress to the nine when they go to sleep and you got nothing but slacks for the daytime – does it matter?

What are you aiming for?

If you really want to know if any of that truly matters, you need to go back to where it all began in the first place, because Genesis 1:31a clearly states “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good”. He didn’t say He made you okay, and He didn’t say He made you good; He said He made you VERY good – see that? Right there? God used an adjective to explain how good you are!

So to those who don’t like their bodies – YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! And to those who think their noses are too big or too small – YOU’RE GORGEOUS! And to those whom society tries to tag – YOU’RE AWESOME! And to those who stand in front of the mirror trying to convince themselves of their unworthiness – YOU’RE IDIOTS! Because you can’t see how absolutely breath taking you truly are.

God don’t care what you look like, where you come from, who you’ve been with, or what you’ve done. He only cares about YOU. Who YOU are, and where YOU’RE going. Because He just wants you to be with Him; so that He can draw you into His arms and hold you.

Take the person you love the most, and times that by a quadrillion. Now imagine never being with that person or ever hearing from that person again.  Now go stand in front of the mirror, and the next time you try to bring yourself down – realize, you’re pushing God away, and He loves you more than a quadrillion times more than the person you love the most in this entire universe.

Now start telling yourself the truth…


Christian soldier


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